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We accept these credit cards

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The XLEcom DemoStore



Please Read - This is a Live Ecommerce Demonstration Store
This is a live demonstration Ecommerce web site with complete shopping cart functionality. For names sake, it is called DemoStore Online. This demonstration web site is provided to show the capabilities of the XLEcom Shopping Cart Web Site Generator Program for Microsoft Excel. This web site was 100% completely generated with the XLEcom program.

What You Can and Should Do
Since it is a live web site, you can completely test the ecommerce functionality by testing its shopping cart features. You can add and remove products to and from your shopping cart and perform a final checkout.

What You Should Not Do
After adding products to your shopping cart and checking out, please do not perform the final payment step by entering in your credit card number. All the products within this demonstration web site do not really exist at this web site. So if you purchase these demonstration products, you will not actually receive them.

About the Design of this Web Site
Both the web site structure and the actual demonstration data you see here within this sample web site are included with the XLEcom program. This sample site is provided as the default template to help you get started. The program also includes many unique web site themes so you can customize the look and feel of your web site. The program comes with two shopping cart display options. You can either have the shopping cart open within this page frame, or have it open within a new popup window.

Digital Photography

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Phones / PDAs

  Cell / Camera Phones
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Vehicle Audio

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