Creating Template Product Ads

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This is an absolutely awesome program. I am so NOT a website developer and I am comfortable and so far competent with this.

I have another question on Ad Templates.

I am an artist and have about 45 different painting or images.

I sell 8 different sizes of each image in prints. This equates to several hundred individual ads. HOWEVER a general template of each size print that can I just enter unique product info would save me a lot of hours. Is there a way to create a basic ad template then save that ad as unique when I enter different info specific to each painting.


I have a painting of a 1940 Ford I sell 5x7 prints and 8x10 prints. I also have a '66 GTO painting also available in 5x7 and 8x10. I want and individual ad for each image and each size of print. But if I can create a basic 5x7 ad template and then just enter info for 40 Ford and save that THEN have the Template to enter info for 66 GTO and save that.

At this point I have to totally create a new ad for each and every Image and size of print.

I understand there are options like size or color but that doesn't really give me the ad I want.

RE: Creating Template Product Ads

If I understand you properly, just duplicate the ad by copying and pasting the single "line" template ad for the product on the Database sheet.

In other words,
(1) Create the "template ad "using the design form on the Product Design sheet and save the ad.
(2) Switch to the Database sheet and manually copy and paste this template ad downwards to duplicate it many times.
(3) After the copy / paste step, press the "Update Database" Button.
(4) Then all you have to do is make the minor changes to each ad manually on either the Database sheet itself or use the Product Design form on the Product Design sheet.

Hope this helps,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer