NO Uninstall

I have a problem with XLEcom.
For some reason it suddenly quit and I cannot restart the application.
Excel starts then it suddenly quits before it starts XLECOM.

I was going to just uninstall XLE and redownload and reinstall BUT there is NO uninstall utility and my WINDOWS manager does not see XLEcom as a stand alone application.

I really liked what I was using before this happened.


RE: No Uninstall


XLEcom version 3.4 contains an uninstall routine, but the older versions do not.

There is really no need for an uninstall utility. All the installer does is place all the XLEcom related files into a single folder called XLEcom. The default Installation directory folder is C:\Program Files\XLEcom.

To uninstall the application, simply just delete the XLEcom folder and the shortcut icons. That's It. Keep in mind that you can reinstall the program over itself. The only file that is ever changed by the user is the single "XLEcom.xls" file. The rest of the files included with the program are support graphics used for designing your website and some sample html documents.

More information about the behavior of Shareware program can be found in the Software License Agreement. Please check it out.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer