Spreadsheet Screen Shots of the XLEcom Program

Screen Shots of the XLEcom Program
To provide you with more information about the XLEcom program, we have included some screen shots from the program.

The screen shot images below are the six (6) Spreadsheet User Interface  worksheets used in the creation of your Ecommerce web site. Each function and feature within the program has it’s own guide to help you through the development process.

Note: If the larger images appear unreadable press the F11 key to increase the screen size so that you can view the images properly. Press F11 again to restore the previous screen setting.

 Spreadsheet User Interface
(Click on any of the images below to view a larger image.)

The Data represented within these examples is also utilized the demonstration websites (Mal’s & Paypal’s)

Product Design Sheet
A Graphical User Interface (GUI) for entering all your Product information. You can also enter your product information directly into the Database sheet if desired.

Home Page Design Sheet
A Graphical User Interface (GUI) for designing a Home page with special Sale items on the home page.

Support Pages Design Sheet
A Graphical User Interface (GUI) for designing a Home Page without special Sale items. You can also design up to seven (7) additional Top Navigation Menu Support Pages.

Site Design Sheet (View 1)
Control the look, feel, and functionality of your web site.

Site Design Sheet (View 2)
Same as previous image but with a helpful Map Legend Overlay to help you visually view the properties of the web site. Users can toggle this Map Legend ON or Off.

Database Sheet - HTML Table View
Storage area for all your Product information. Data is typically entered via the Product Design sheet or you may enter the information directly into the Database sheet. Your choice.

Database Sheet - Image Screen shot
Same as above. An image capture of the same Database sheet.

Categories Sheet
List all you Product’s Main and Sub Category titles here. The XLEcom program will automatically generate both the Main and Sub Category Navigation menus for your web site.

Additional Code Sheet
Use the new "Add_Code" sheet to add your own custom HTML or Scripting Code to the published Product Ad and / or Support HTML Pages. It is not required that you utilize this sheet, but it is provided as an option for Web Designers who need the capability to add their own custom code.

Advertisement Sheet (Webmaster version only)
You can add up to 14 affiliate marketing and advertising blocks to your site such as Google AdSense ads. The 14 Advertisement Blocks can be positioned at the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the web pages.