Publish error

Publish error:

How do I proceed from here? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I've already done the error check on the database.

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This is too vague to see what caused the problem. Zip up and send me just the xlecom.xls file so I can see what is happening.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

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The problem was that you made Excel choke by only using a single Main and Sub category for all 1,610 product Ads. You were trying to publish over 1,600 product ads to one single HTML file. The largest single HTML file that Excel can publish can only contain a maximum of 65,536 lines. For curiosity reasons, I published this HTML file with all 1,610 product ads manually by hand and it turned out to be a single file that was 6.3 MB in size and contained over 70,000 lines.

To solve this problem, you must define and use more than a single Main and Sub category combination for your Product Ads.

I also noticed that you are using the older version 2.0. So what I did is transferred your Product Ad Database data, Categories, and Mal's account setting from the old file to the latest release version 3.0 and registered it for you. I have emailed this new file back to you.


Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer


Thanks for the fast reply.

So, how many products is each category limited to?

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Question: So, how many products is each category limited to?

There is really no limit, but be aware of Excel's 65,536 line limit as stated in the previous post.

Well a better the answer to this question would be "Is how big of a list of products do you want to make your visitors scroll through on "one" page to find the item they want?"

Also, you have to consider your visitor's download speed if they are viewing your site via a dialup connection. I would personally put a maximum limit of 25 products per Sub category. Keep in mind that each Sub category results in one published html product page. See the web site Demos provided on this web site for an example of using Sub categories efficiently.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer