Importing Data into XLEcom

Importing Data into XLEcom

Importing and Converting data from an existing Ecommerce web site
If you currently have an existing Ecommerce web site but feel that you are paying too much in service and hosting fees, then you can use this program to convert it to a super low cost or free Ecommerce web site. All you need to do is download your current product data and images from your current Ecommerce provider and import it into this program

Most Ecommerce web sites utilize a product's database which resides on the web server and contains all your product information for your web site. Some of these Ecommerce providers allow you to download your product data from the product database in "comma separated value" (CSV) format. The following instructions will help you import your existing Ecommerce product data into this program.

Step 1. Download both your current product data and images from your current Ecommerce provider.
Download your product data in "comma separated value" (CSV) format or any other format which can be imported into Microsoft Excel. Also, download all your product images if you do not already have them on your computer. Place all your product images in the \Assets\images\products folder. The ideal image size for the thumbnail product ad images is 100 x 100 pixels.

Step 2. Create an import template using the XLEcom program
Open the XLEcom program, switch to the "Product Design" sheet, press the "Utilities" button to display the following dialog box as shown in the image below. Choose to export the current Product Database Data. It does not matter if the product database already contains data or not. This exported file will be the import template for your product's data. Before you proceed, examine the product database so the you understand the layout.

Step 3. Create a XLEcom Product Database using your downloaded product data
A) Open both the product database file you downloaded from your existing Ecommerce web site and the import template file you created using the XLEcom program in Microsoft Excel.

B) Copy and paste the data from the downloaded file into the XLEcom import file. To do this properly, individually copy and paste the data for the corresponding matching fields one at a time, column by column. All your product's data should start at Row 3 and continue downwards. Do not overwrite the Database Field name in Row 2.

When finished with the copying and pasting, fill in the remaining fields in the XLEcom import file with the appropriate information. Keep in mind that the "You Save" field contains a formula as indicated by the blue colored text. You want to retain this formula for all your product items. Finally, sequence the items (item count) in the first field. If for example you have 100 products, then sequence the items from 1 through 100.

Helpful Notes:
Retaining the original XLEcom formatting

There are two ways to retain the XLEcom formatting.
(1) When pasting the data in the XLEcom import file, it is recommended to use the "Paste Special" command instead of the regular paste command so that the original formatting of the XLEcom import file will be retained.
(2) The best way to retain the XLEcom formatting is to leave the original XLEcom product data for the first item (item 1, row 3) in place and paste your data into the sheet starting at row 4. When finished transferring all your data to the XLEcom import file, just highlight row 3 and use Excel's "Format Painter" command to copy the formats from row 3 downwards to all the other rows that contain your product data. You can also use the copy and "Paste Special >> Formats" option as an alternative to the "Format Painter" command. This option is the better option to use because you can also fill in (copy) any missing data for the remaining fields not within your original download file from the original first item (item 1, row 3) to the rest of your product data. When finished, you can just delete row 3.

Warning: Make sure that the number values from the downloaded file are actual real number values and not text values. Number values in the downloaded file should align to the right side of the cells, text values usually align to the left side of the cells.

Step 4. Import the XLEcom product database file into the XLEcom program.
Open the XLEcom program, switch to the "Product Design" sheet, press the "Utilities" button, and import the XLEcom product database file containing your data.