About XLEcom

The following topics are discussed below:
   • XLEcom is for Everybody
   • Why Develop XLEcom
   • XLEcom as a Webmaster Tool
   • Use XLEcom with other Web Site Creation Programs
   • Already Have an Ecommerce Web Site?
   • Shopping Cart "Add to Cart" Buttons
   • Search Engine Indexing

XLEcom is for Everybody
XLEcom is a software program written for users of Microsoft® Excel to simply create low cost professional quality Ecommerce Shopping Cart web sites. It offers users both the simplicity of building quality web sites and the capability to customize the behavior of the program for their particular business needs.

Web sites created with XLEcom can utilize Paypal and Mal's e-commerce FREE Shopping Cart Services. Published Web sites can be directly uploaded to one or more web servers simultaneously via a built-in FTP upload utility.

  • XLEcom is powered by a single Microsoft Excel file providing the ultimate in portability.
  • Backup both XLEcom and 100's of web sites on your USB key chain.
  • Take XLEcom with you - Design and edit your web site from any location.

Why Develop XLEcom
Many people would like to have an Ecommerce store but do not want to pay the high monthly service fees offered by third party Ecommerce service providers to drive their site. Additionally, one of the of the major problems with utilizing an Ecommerce service is that your site will only run on their system, thus if you decide to move your site to another hosting service, you must abandoned your current site and completely rebuild it all over again from the beginning.

Another problem with utilizing most third party Ecommerce services is that you must build your site via a web browser interface. This is probably the slowest and most inefficient method of building web sites. Also, this method of site building does not allow you to retain a working copy of your site on your computer. Therefore you are completely dependent on their services.

XLEcom offers you a completely independent solution, thus bypassing the dependency on Ecommerce service providers. You can host your web site using ANY LOW COST or FREE Hosting Service of your choice. XLEcom Ecommerce web sites can run on any type of web server and does not require any special hosting or Ecommerce plan.  In fact, if you have a broadband connection to the internet you can even host your entire web store on your home computer. How do you do this? Just assign your domain name's DNS to your computer's IP address and use a web server utility to assign a folder on your computer as a web site. There are free utilities available to do this on the internet.

XLEcom as a Webmaster Tool
XLEcom is unique such a way that if needed, you can literally create 1000's of individual Ecommerce shopping cart enabled web sites. There is no other program available today which offers the ease and usability to mass produce an unlimited number of free Ecommerce shopping cart enabled web sites.

You can use it to create a either single Ecommerce web site or to create multiple Ecommerce web sites. Each of these individual web sites can include over 65,000 product ads. You can even add more product ads to the web site if necessary by just importing additional product databases into the program.

Use XLEcom with other Web Site Creation Programs
XLEcom is also an excellent tool to use with other web site creation programs. There is a publishing option which enables the user to just generate the product ad pages which can later be imported into their favorite web site creation program.

Already Have an Ecommerce Web Site?
This program also offers a great money saving benefit to businesses that already have established Ecommerce web sites. You can save all the money you are spending on your third party Ecommerce service by importing you present site's product data into the XLEcom program and recreating a new web site which you can host for a fraction of the cost.

Shopping Cart "Add to Cart" Buttons
This program currently supports both Paypal and Mal's Ecommerce free Shopping Cart services which utilize both Hyperlink and HTML Form type Add-to-Cart buttons in their shopping cart systems. This program takes your product information including the price, shipping, and some of you account's information and generates "Add-to-Cart" type Product Ads. By utilizing XLEcom, you do not need to maintain an external database of products on a web server. Also, since this program actually generates HTML pages, all of your site's pages including the product ad pages can be indexed by search engines. (note: HTML Form type Add-to-Cart buttons are supported in version 2.4 and greater.)

Search Engine Indexing
Most of all Ecommerce web sites on the internet today do not get their product pages indexed by search engines. The reason why is because their product pages do not actually reside on the web server. These product pages only get generated and sent to the users computer when a user clicks on a product page link. This type of method uses a database application residing on the web server to serve up the pages on the fly when they are requested by the site visitor. These database type web sites use asp, cgi, and php type programming to accomplish their function.