Ad Comment to open in larger page instead of a popup window

This question was submitted to the developer by email from an XLEcom user. I am posting it on the website as a FAQ incase someone else may have the same question.

Hi: I am a new user and I love this program, however I do have one technical question:
On the product design page in the "Add Comments" block, when I add a hyperlink for a larger image, how can I make it open as a large page instead of a small popup window?

I am using Windows 2000 and Excel 2003.

RE: Ad Comment to open in larger page instead of a popup window

The size of the "Ad Comments" popup window is controlled by the window properties within the "Ad Design" Function. These properties include the size of the window (width & length) and if the window will contain a menubar, a toolbar, and scrollbars. Yo can also control if the popup window is resizable. You can safely emulate a full page popup window by entering width & length dimensions that closely represents the most common user's screen size. A safe width & length popup window size large enough to display information is a resizable 800 x 600 window.

If you do not want to globally change the "Ad Comments" popup window properties and only need a larger window for a few links, then do the following.

To get a hyperlink to open in a new larger window instead of the smaller "Ad Comments" popup window, do not use the "Ad Comments" block, but try the following instead. Add the hyperlink to the beginning of the "Item Description" as shown below as indicated in red. This will result in the hyperlink opening up in a new full page window. If you remove the target statement, target="_new", then the hyperlink will open in the same browser window.
Sample Item Description
<a href="" target="_new">XLEcom's Web Site</a><br><br><b>Description:</b><br>ABIT IS7 Socket 478 P4 ATX Motherboard with Intel 865PE chipset<br><br><b>Specifications:</b><br>• Supports: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU Socket 478 processors, Hyper-Threading Technology<br>• Chipset: Intel 865PE + ICH5-R<br>• FSB: 800/533 RAM
If you get your web site up on the internet, please let me know. I would be very interested to see what you have accomplished with using the program.
I hope this help you,

XLEcom Program Developer

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer