Extra "$" being published in the "You save" Field.

After the previous upgrade I am getting an extra "$" in the "You Save" Field. Example: You Save $$3.00(6.2%)

It shows up in my published store.

I have published a small test or my store onto my server and it shows up in it also.

Email me if you would like to see it in a published store. I just bought the program so you should have my email. I do however love the program and I am very excited to see what you may have in store for it in the future. I also plan on building a couple of store modules later on.

RE: It shows up in my published store.

I just emailed you another version (just the xlecom.xls file) that appears to correct the problem. I am also currently working on a newer version that should be released soon.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Thank You

Do I just export the data from the old xlecom.xls file and then import it back in to the new xlecom.xls file?

RE: Thank You

Yes, Basically all you have to do is just export the data from the old xlecom.xls file and then import it back into the revised xlecom.xls file. That's it.

The Excel file, xlecom.xls, I sent to you by email is the revised 2.3 version but with a different version number (2.2F.404R). The "F" in this version number stands for "Fixed". The official released version 2.3 that is available now, contains the same xlecom.xls Excel file. Therefore it is not necessary for you to download version 2.3.

Revised version 2.3 - Currency Format Converter Repair
Fixed an issue of with the Currency Format Converter. Double currency dollar signs ($$) appeared on the spreadsheets when using the US currency format character. This problem is now fixed.

Upgrading from Version 2.2 to Version 2.3
All the key data form version 2.2 such as the Product Database, Categories, Site Themes, and FTP Account settings can be imported into the new version 2.3 via the Import utility . First export the data from version 2.2 using the Export utility and then import the data into version 2.3 using the Import utility. The Import / Export utilities can be accessed via the Product Design sheet.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

After Update "$$" Still in "You Save" in Published pages

I have installed the update and it has removed the "$$" in the prgram while you are editing the pages, but when you publish the pages, the "$$" is still there. Before, the "$$" showed up in both the software and the published pages.

The double $$ problem has been fixed

I discovered that this problem occurs only "after" the program has been registered. I was testing the program in the shareware mode and I didn't notice it until I registered it. The problem has been fixed.

The new release is available for download now.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Sam, Thank You. The Double $$ has in deed been fixed

Thank you for your responsiveness to this product. I am enjoying the product very much and I think it is an excellent answer to using Mal's and I am sure it works well with Paypal as well, although I do not use paypal. Again, thank you for a great product.

RE: Extra "$" being published in the "You save" Field

The problem is with the built-in Currency Format Converter. The double dollar signs ($$) only appear within the spreadsheets themselves and not on the Published or Preview HTML pages. In the meantime, to correct this problem until I fix this issue, just remove the $ in the Currency Format Converter. You can access the Currency Format Converter via the "Ad Design" function.

This issue will be resolved in Version 2.3

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer