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Is there a way to pass the items weight tag to Mal's so that you can use the shipping by weight option? I currently have Mal's set up to calculate shipping based on the items weight for UPS and USPS. I would like the ability to continue to do the same using your program. Is this possible?

RE: Shipping using Mal's e-commerce

This issue is applies only to XLEcom v2.0

This following situation applies only to XLEcom v2.0. The work around suggested is not required for XLEcom v2.2 or greater. See XLEcom's Revision History for more information.

(The XLEcom version number can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the Product Design sheet).

In XLEcom v2.0, the shipping units for with use with Mal's e-commerce shopping cart was set as a single Global "Add-to-Cart" variable. In XLEcom v2.2, the shipping units are now independent Dynamic"Add-to-Cart" Variables. XLEcom v2.2 also includes a newly added "Shipping Units" field column in the Product Database.

Mal's e-commerce Shopping Cart Hyperlink Variables
The following list shows are the variables used to create the  Mal's "Add-to-Cart"  and "View Cart" hyperlink buttons. In XLEcom, the "Add-to-Cart" variables are broken down into two types, Dynamic and Global variables. The Dynamic variables are product dependent and contain the information for your each of your individual product ads. The Global variables are common to all of your product ads if you choose to use them. The Global variables are setup via the XLEcom Shopping Cart setup utility.

    Add to Cart Dynamic Variables
     • product = Description of your product
     • Quantity
     • Show Quantity
     • price = Price (without Currency enumerator, $, £ or whatever)
     • scode = a stock code you would like the cart to store for you [optional]

    Add to Cart Global Variables
     • tax = % rate of sales tax for that item (default = 0) [optional]
     • currency = currency number for multi-currency payments [optional]
     • units = a weight or other value for calculating shipping (default = 0) [optional]
     • lg = a language other than your default [optional]
     • return = (default = none) [optional]

    View Cart Settings
     • sd = your own session data [optional]
     • shipping = a total shipping value (a response from an external shipping calculator) [optional]
     • shipopts = description of shipping options chosen and to be stored [optional]

Unfortunately in this case, the variable you need to control individually per product is the "units" variable. In XLEcom v2.0, the units are set as a Global variable and cannot be changed on an individual product by product basis. If you use a value for the units variable, this same value will propagate throughout all of your product ads.

XLEcom v2.2 treats the units variable as an individual product specific variable similar to the Price and scode variables. In the meantime, you can accomplish this individual product setting shipping goal for XLEcom v2.0 by using the work around stated below.

Work Around to Achieve individual Product Specific Unit values for each Product Ad
You can simply achieve your solution by performing the following work around. Refer to the following database screen shot image for an illustration.

Step 1: Switch to the Product Design Sheet and press the Override button along the top of the Design form and uncheck the Quantity check box. This will prevent this Quantity value from being transferred to the Database sheet when you press the Save Ad button.

Step 2: Switch to the Database sheet and change the User 1 and User 2 fields to Quantity X and Units respectively.

Step 3: Place or copy the original quantity values which are in the Quantity field into the Quantity X field and then enter the unit values into the Units field.

Step 4: Next, place the formula =J3&"&units="&K3 into the original Quantity field cell N3 for the first product listed in the database table. This would be in Row 3.

Step 5: Now copy this N3 cell formula down though out the Quantity field cells so it appears in each of the product rows for all of your ads.

When you finally publish the web site, all your product ad will have individual unit values. That's it.

This will give you your desired results.

You may find that you can accomplish another form of your shipping needs by setting up your Mal's Shopping Cart properties for handling shipping charges via your Mal's e-commerce account control panel at Mal's web site. You can see a live illustration of this at this XLEcom user's web site called "Paul Wojdak's Coin Connection".

I hope this helps you,

XLEcom Program Developer

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer