I am trying the demo version But find that even if I change the format from $ to £ in List Price and Our Price columns, when I create a new product it is in $. Please can you help me adapt the database for UK use only

RE: Currency - XLEcom to display the UK Currency Format (£)

Currency Format Converter Upgrade for XLEcom v2.0

This following Upgrade is for XLEcom v2.0 only. XLEcom v2.2 or greater already includes these additional features and therefore does not require the software upgrade. See XLEcom's Revision History for more information.

(The XLEcom version number can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the Product Design sheet.)

XLEcom Currency Format Converter
Version 2.0
Date: July 26, 2005

This Excel macro converts XLEcom version 2.0 to display either the UK Currency Format (£) or the Euro Currency Format (€) instead of the default US currency format ($) on both Preview and Published Pages.

This conversion only affects the Preview and Published web pages and nothing else. The rest of the program including all spreadsheets will display the default US ($) currency format. There would be too much reprogramming to convert the entire program, but this conversion macro should work well for your final published web sites.

You can download this XLEcom macro patch here:

UK Example:
List Price: £333.00
Our Price: £295.95
You Save: £37.05 (11.1%)

Euro Example:
List Price: €100.00
Our Price: €71.49
You Save: €28.51 (28.5%)

Step 1. Open the XLEcom Web site Creator file (XLEcom.xls). The file must be named XLEcom.xls
Step 2. Open the "Xlecom Currency Format Converter.xls" file
Step 3. Press either the "Convert to UK Currency Format" or "Convert Euro Currency Format" button.
That's it.

Note: You can convert back and forth between currency formats by running either macro again.

Sample Output:
See the following two Product Ad samples below:

XLEcom Program Developer

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer