ftp upload of test store

hi there i used the ftp in the demo to upload to the test server can you give me an address to view it. Also when using mikes will the cart setup in his database override these settings ie shipping per item is set up here but is not an option on mikes

FTP Demo Locations

Answer 1
There are three (3) FTP locations set up within the program for evaluation testing of the Integrated FTP Utility. To view the files that were uploaded using this utility, use the following urls:


FTP Demonstration / Test Accounts
For evaluation purposes, this program includes three (3) FTP test accounts located on XLEcom.com's web server. These FTP test accounts are only to be used for demonstration and testing of this program and not to be used for hosting of your web site or for storage of your personal files. These FTP test accounts are provided so that you can demo this program and test the capability of your system using this custom FTP routine.

Multiple User Conflicts
Keep in mind there are other people like you evaluating this XLEcom program and they also have access to these same FTP test accounts. If many users are uploading files to the XLEcom.com web server at the same time, you could experience some FTP problems like slow a FTP response or just denied access due to a system overload. There is also a possibility that files you just uploaded to the test accounts may immediately be overwritten by others currently evaluating this program.

FTP Test Account Abuse
Our Technical staff will be monitoring these FTP test accounts for abuse and inappropriate content. If it is determined that these FTP test accounts are being abused and not used as intended, then these accounts will be permanently removed from the web server. If this is the case, then you will have to use your own web server for FTP access. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy evaluating this program.

If you already have an FTP Account or will acquire one soon, then you should enter in your FTP Account settings and delete the FTP Demonstration / Test Accounts.

Answer 2
About the second part of your question, can you rephrase it better so I can understand what you mean? Do you mean Mal's, not Mikes?

With Mal's shopping cart, you can set the global shipping methods for the entire cart via your account's control panel at mal's web site.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer