Copying and Pasting Data into the User Designated Data Cells

Copying and Pasting Data into the User Designated Data Cells

User Designated Data Cells

The following three (3) spreadsheets contain User Designated Data Cells for data input. Theses User Designated Data Cells are merged cells and require special attention when copying and pasting Data.

Product Design
Home Page Design
Support Pages

For pasting data into the User Designated Data Cells on the above listed sheets, do the following:

The safest way to paste data into these cells is to first select the target cell and then paste data into the cell via Excel's "formula bar" located at the top of the spreadsheet. In other words, after the data is in placed in memory via the copy command, select the target cell with the mouse or keyboard, then place the mouse in Excel's formula bar and right click or press Ctrl-v to paste the data. This newly pasted data will appear within the target cell.

This method will ensure keeping the integrity of the original merged cells.

For pasting Data into the "Database" or "Categories" sheet cells, you can paste as normal.

If for some reason the User Designated Data Cells on any of these three sheets gets corrupted (unmerged), use the Restore Merged Cells Utility to repair them.

Restore Merged Cells - Repair Utility
This Repair Utility will restore the original merged cells on this spreadsheet back to their original intended condition. Merged cells are a block of multiple cells merged together to act as a single cell. This program uses merged cells on the "Product Design", "Home Page Design", and "Support Pages" sheets. Merged cells can accidentally be unmerged back into single cells by the user through some copy and paste operations. An example would be if the user copies and pastes data from another document into a merged cell which contained carriage returns equal to the number of cells within the merged cell. This situation is unlikely, but this utility is provided in case this situation arises.

ONLY use this Repair Utility if for some reason the original merged cells on the above mentioned spreadsheets became unmerged into multiple single cells entities.

Protected Sheets - Preventing Corruption

All the spreadsheets within the program are sheet protected. They are protected to minimized the chance that a user will corrupt the program.

If you need to paste data directly into the program, first highlight the cell, then paste the data into the formula bar located just below Excel's menu items using the Crtl-v keyboard command.

It is not recommended to paste data directly into the cells. If you do, then you stand a chance of corrupting the program. If you do corrupt the program, then you will have to start over again with a fresh copy of the xlecom.xls file.

If you need to start with a fresh copy of the program, see the following topic for Upgrading to a New Release of XLEcom.

If you choose to paste data directly into the cells, you should always use the paste special >> values command instead of the direct paste command. This way only the data values will be pasted into the cells without any of the original formatting initially applied to the data.