Search Engine Optimization for Framed Sites

I would like to use this product.
But I'm afraid the Search Engines would not index the Framed Pages.

Search Engine Indexing with XLEcom Web Sites


Search Engine Indexing
All the xlecom published pages were designed from the beginning to be optimized for search engines. You can also include META tags (built into the program) in each page for search engines that do not cache pages but will index pages.

Most of all Ecommerce web sites on the internet today do not get their product pages indexed by search engines. The reason why is because their product pages do not actually reside on the web server. These product pages only get generated and sent to the users computer when a user clicks on a product page link. This type of method uses a database application residing on the web server to serve up the pages on the fly when they are requested by the site visitor. These database type web sites use asp, cgi, and php type programming to accomplish their function.

Since this xlecom program actually generates HTML pages, all of your site's pages including the product ad pages can be indexed and cached by search engines.

For maximum compatibility for search engine indexing and page caching among all search engines, published your site as a non framed site. This will guarantee that all page get indexed or cached.

MSN, Google, and Yahoo search engines work fine for both framed and non framed sites. Other search engines work better with non framed sites.

I hope this answers your question.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer