This section includes information on how to acquire, purchase, and register our software.

Programs for Microsoft Excel

XLEcom Ecommerce Website Creator Program
Note: Before you download the XLEcom program, please review the System Requirements needed to run the program. Instructions on how to use the XLEcom program are included within the software. You can also find the instructions here within this web site.

This Software Section Includes

Multiple Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility Mal's Ecommerce
This utility is provided for users who need to provide their shoppers with multiple prices for different options.

Use the following Excel utility file to simply generate any number of Multiple Price Option Add-to-Cart HTML form code snippets. The Add-to-Cart forms can support up to three (3) drop-down option scroll boxes with each scroll box supporting up to 5 selections. The first of the three scroll boxes can include up to 5 different prices.


  • Both in-page and popup window type shopping carts.
  • Use up to three (3) drop-down option scroll boxes with each scroll box supporting up to 5 selections.
  • You can either use the standard Add-to-Cart form button or an image button.
  • Use any International Currency Symbol.
  • More Information

Multiple File Import / Export Utility
This utility program can Import and Export data in ASCII format to and from individual or all files within a selected directory

Newsletter Generator Utility
Simply create Newsletters and Classified Ad postings using this Microsoft Excel based Newsletter Generator Utility.

Purchase Options

Drupal Related Free Software
The Drupal Software offered below is not related to the XLEcom program. These are Free utility programs offered to the Drupal CMS Community.

Drupal Theme Generator
Designed for use with Drupal versions 4.6.x and 4.7.x
Supports both PHPtemplate and Xtemplate Themes
Includes Source Code

Drupal File Comparison Utility
Designed for all version of Drupal

Drupal Members List PHP Script Generator
Designed for all version of Drupal

MySQL Database Backup Utility
Use for backing up from 1 to 30 remote Database files or any other file types from a remote web server.

Drupal 6.x Upgrade
The following downloads are provided for those users who do not find it necessary to overwrite all the files within their Drupal 6.x installation when an update becomes available. Using a file comparison utility, the following update zip files contain only the date modified Drupal core distribution files which have been changed, added, or updated since the previous release.

Upload the new files to your Drupal site, then log into your site as the administrator and run update.php.

After running update.php, your Available Updates and Status Report functions will indicate that you are running the latest Drupal release version.

Additional Excel Shareware and Freeware Programs for Microsoft Excel
Developed by Sam Raheb

Visit to download any program

  • XLEcom Ecommerce Website Creator
  • Multiple Price Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility for Mal's Ecommerce
  • Multiple File Import / Export Utility for Microsoft Excel
  • Data Sheet Program
  • Newsletter Generator Utility
  • MySQL Database Backup Utility
  • Drupal CMS Theme Generator
  • Drupal File Comparison Utility
  • Drupal Members List PHP Script Generator
  • Database “Plus”
  • Database “Standard”
  • Appointment Schedule “Plus”
  • Appointment Schedule “Standard”
  • Form Print Spooler
  • Credit Card Program
  • Financial Analysis of Life
  • Email Generator Utility
  • Bulk File Generator
  • Phone / Email Book Program
  • Convert Cell References Utility
  • Mathematical Summary Utility
  • Extra Utility Tools
  • Opens and Save Files Utility