Excel Links

Links to Other Excel Related Web Sites

For other interesting Excel related software, check out the following sites:

  • Sam308.com- Utility Programs for Microsoft Excel
  • Jwalk & Associates - The Spreadsheet Page
  • Add-ins.com has over 50 Microsoft Excel add-ins that make Excel easier to use and save you time, plus downloadable books (full of examples) on how to write Excel macros.
  • BeyondTechnology.com
  • Topdownloads Software - Spreadsheets
  • WinSite - Sam's Programs
  • OzGrid Business Applications - Excel Templates - Excel Add-ins - Excel Training
  • MathTools.net-- Technical computing portal for all scientific & engineering.
  • Downseek.com - The Software Search Engine
  • Discountpasswordrecovery.com
  • The X in The XcelFiles
    ExcelTip.com - Microsoft Excel tips and tricks
  • Forgram Software offers "XMLtoXLS" an Add-In utility that imports XML data into Excel with one click.
  • NeuroXL Neural Network Software Add-Ins for Excel - This company offers add-ins for Microsoft Excel that peform neural network forecasting and classification using simple or complex data.
  • Excel Business Tools - purpose built Excel templates for financial analysis and business decision-making.
  • Dust Free Solutions is the home of Spreadsheet Composer which is an Excel add-in that provides facilities to automatically construct, verify, catalogue, manage and implement complex worksheet formulae.
  • AbleBits.com - Excel, Outlook, Word Add-Ins: Reliable and handy add-ins for MS Excel, Outlook and Word. Pivot tables, formatting, advanced Excel search & replace, managing multiple spreadsheets, auto making Outlook CC/BCC copies and more.
  • Extras 4 Excel features how-to articles plus links to a wide selection of learning aids, add-ins, macros and templates for spreadsheet users.
  • Office-Addins.com - A wide range of plugins & addins for Microsoft Excel grouped by categories.
  • xlpert - Affordable Neural Network And Genetic Algorithm Addin For MS Excel
  • Excel Hints - Excel Hints provides Microsoft Excel Users with Tips, Tricks and Hints for everything Excel with more content added daily.

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