Unable to match colours for opt in form

Hi Sam
I am placing an opt-in form below the menu, but I cant seem to match the colours to the site colours. The colour numbers are not given in the setup screen neither can I access them by trying to view the source code. They appear to be gifs
Please can you tell me what the number should be for the blue background colour and the light purple product header banner strips
my site is www.yamaha-flute-211.co.uk. The opt in form is not live as it does not match the colours
Thanks Phil


The colours now match the site exactly - thanks very much

RE: Unable to match colours for opt in form

You can obtain the color codes by opening the gif image in a image editor / graphic program and using the color identifier tool to obtain the color codes. The HEX color codes you requested are as follows:
blue background color: #29009E
light purple color: #9A91DD
By the way, I noticed that you are using XLEcom 4.4. You can upgrade to XLEcom 5.4 for free.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer


Hi Sam
Thanks for the codes. I realise that I can upgrade but it is a hassle to reset all the site parameters and colours each time, in fact I tried and failed. I think it's becuase I'm using an older colour scheme.

Also the double side website is not an advantage to me in terms of SEO:- As there is not much content on my pages the border then has too much border text (same on every page) therefore the overal page will then be penalised by google as duplicate content pages as they are too similiar. (need to be at least 30 % different) Others may also need to bear this in mind