Changes between the Standard and Professional / Webmaster versions

Changes between the Standard and Professional / Webmaster versions
You can keep both the Standard and new Professional / Webmaster versions installed at the same time. The only file difference between the Standard and Professional / Webmaster versions is that a few of the file image assets were moved around in the Professional / Webmaster versions.

Nothing in the database has changed. So just export all the data from the Standard version using the Program's Setup function and re-import it back into the Professional / Webmaster version. Keep in mind the Professional / Webmaster versions contains some new themes. So you don't want to overwrite the new site themes with the Standard themes via the Site Theme import. If you were using a custom designed theme in the Standard version, then just add your custom theme to the Professional / Webmaster version via the Site Themes function.

The Support pages (top navigation menu items) are basically the same except that the new Professional / Webmaster versions contain an auto-sensing behavior to distinguish between pain text and HTML / Programming code. If the text for the support pages contains HTML / Programming code, then the text will not be font formatted. You can get more information on this auto-sensing behavior by clicking on the little red button located at the top right side of the spreadsheets.

Option 1: Run both the Standard and Professional / Webmaster programs from the same location
You can install the new program over the old program, but remember to first create a backup of your old program's XLEcom.xls file.

Option 2: If you want to keep the Standard version but move the location.
First move the Standard version including all of it assets (the complete installation) to another location. Then open XLEcom and then change the file location paths via the Program's Setup in the Standard version to reflect the new location. Finally, install the Professional / Webmaster program using the default setup parameters.