* Posting Instructions *

Posting Instructions for User Websites Created with XLEcom
If you have developed a web site using XLEcom, then you can post a description and link (URL) to your web site in this section. Please do not post links to web sites that did not utilize XLEcom. All non-related XLEcom web site postings will be deleted.

If your decide to place a posting of your XLEcom created website, it will appear in both the Forum listings and on the Home Page of this website for all visitors to see.

Note: Only the 5 most recent posting will appear on the home page. Therefore, your posting will only appear on the home page for a limited time.

Posting Section: XLEcom User Websites

Please post your listing with the information in the following format:

    Posting Title:

    Company Name:
    Store Category:
    Web Site URL:

  • Posting Title is the tile of the posting. The title will appear as a hyperlink to your posting in both the Forum listings and on the Home Page of XLEcom's website. Please keep your title short.
  • Company Name is typically the same as the Posting Title.
  • Store Category: defines the type of store. For example, if your store sells sporting equipment, then enter Sporting Goods for the Store Category. If your store sells Jewelry, watches, and other similar items, then enter Jewelry Store. For all other mixed non-related products type stores, enter General Merchandise as the Store Category. For Service type sites, enter the type of service your offer. For example, if you offer sporting related services, then enter Sporting Services for the Store Category. If you offer engineering type services, then enter Engineering Services. For all other mixed non-related services, enter General Services as the Store Category.
  • Web Site URL: Please make your Web Site URL a clickable hyperlink that opens in a new browser window, by entering it with the target="users" statement as follows:
    <a href="http://www.demostroreonline.com" target="users">www.demostroreonline.com</a>
  • Description is a a brief one to two sentence summary about your store.


    Posting Title: DemoStore Online Web Store

    Company Name: DemoStore Online
    Store Category: Consumer Electronics
    Web Site URL:
    Description: We offer a large selection of Consumer Electronics including computer supplies.

To simplify things, just copy and paste the text below into your new posting and replace the xxxxxxxxxx with your information. Please post you listing here: XLEcom User Websites

    Company Name: xxxxxxxxxx
    Store Category: xxxxxxxxxx
    Web Site URL: <a href="http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx" target="users">www.xxxxxxxxxx.xxx</a>
    Description: xxxxxxxxxx