XLEcom Webmaster Program Mode

The Webmaster version offers additional features which can be used to create websites that utilize referral based products or websites solely based on RSS feeds.

If you are into creating websites that will render you residual income via advertising or referral based products, then the Webmaster version is the one for you.

This following Program Mode feature is only available in the XLEcom Webmaster version.

Program Mode
You have the choice of the following two program modes. You can change the mode via the Program Setup button.

Ecommerce website mode
The standard default mode, used for creating Add-to-Cart Ecommerce shopping type websites. By default, the general font formatting is applied to the Item Descriptions. However, you do have the option to disable it if needed.

Non-Ecommerce website mode
This is an alternative program mode useful for creating non-ecommerce type websites. A typical non-ecommerce website would be a general information site. If you are familiar with dynamically generated content, then you can use it to create a server side interface website.

In Non-Ecommerce mode, only the Item Description field and optionally the Product Image field will be utilized and published. All the other Database fields will be neglected except for the Main and Sub category fields which will still function as the navigation menus. In addition, if you want to utilize scripting code within the Item Descriptions, you have the option to disable the general font formatting applied to the Item Descriptions.

When you place XLEcom in the Non-Ecommerce mode, changes are made to both XLEcom's underlining programming code and to the user available site settings.

The site settings which are changed are related to an ecommerce website. These site settings will be turned off (disabled). If or when you switch back to the Ecommerce mode, these setting will be restored back to the previous state prior to making the mode change. You can access these site setting via the Site Setup and Ad Design functions.

  • View Cart and Check Out buttons appearing on the Product Ad Pages
  • Credit Card Note (left side)
  • Display "View Cart" Button (left side)
  • Display Credit Card Image (left side)
  • Display Left Side Product Advertisement Block
  • Display Right Side Product Advertisement Block
  • Utilize Expandable / Collapsible for Item Descriptions
  • If using the Site Search, then the search form will be updated to reflect non-products.