Purchase of New XLEcom License

Hi Sam:

I need to know if I need to purchase a new license to use XLEcom on my home computer. I have had trouble transferring sites from my Selmer Printing Business Site to my home addresshome office. When I do this, the programs reverts back to demo mode.I purchased the Full License and Mal's Cart.

I just downloaded the new upgrade and want to be sure about this before I install it.I am in no way opposed to purchasing a new licensed copy for my home office.

Thanks for your help.
Larry Pierce

P.S. I have a site I am completing which has 780 products in it and needto know how to send it to you for review. I know you charge for this serviceand I am going to bill my client for the work you do on it. Can you give me an estimate of charges.I will have it redy to send by Tue. or Wed. next week.

RE: Purchase of New XLEcom License


You do not need to purchase an additional license if you are going to use the program for personal use. If you plan on using the program as a web designer for others, then you need to purchase a Commercial License.

You can read about the License options and upgrade from an Individual License to a Commercial License on the Purchase and Registration page.

Shareware / Registered

The program will not revert back to the shareware / demo version once it has been registered. You need to make sure you are running the registered XLEcom.xls file.

XLEcom Website Optimization Service

See the following page on how to submit the files for the XLEcom Website Optimization Service:

XLEcom Website Optimization Service

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer