New Feature Request... add to cart tab

Hi Sam, I have a growing list of products appearing in the 'add to cart' tab, and I'm finding that manually having to 'transfer form to database' for each ad individually is getting rather tedious - is it not possible to add a column to the 'add to cart' tab (so that each line item can be linked to the product ad's Item Number) - then add a 'transfer all forms to database' button. That would save me about half an hour of work each time I update my pricing (at least weekly)

PS. Will your latest add ons - like expandable ads and site search be included in the next version?

Love your work! Hope you have a wonderful, and prosperous 2009!

RE: New Feature Request for the Multiple Price Options utility

I added the Multiple Price Options feature you requested to the future version 6. Now you will be able to perform a Bulk Add-to-Cart form transfer for all the products listed in the Multiple Price Options table.

Creation Modes
The Multiple Price Options utility supports two modes for creating Multiple Price Option Add-to-Cart forms. The first mode is for creating forms on an individual one-by-one basis, and the second mode is for Bulk form creation.

Mode 1: Creating forms on an individual one-by-one basis
The top right section of this sheet, where the Add-to-Cart form is shown in a large cell box, can be used for both testing, previewing, and creating Multiple Options Add-to-Cart forms on an individual one-by-one basis.

Mode 2: Bulk Creation and Transfer of forms to the Database sheet
If you are familiar with and understand the form creation process, then you can use this mode to bulk create and transfer all the Multiple Price Option Add-to-Cart forms to the database sheet for all products listed within the table in a singe operation.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

RE: New Feature Request... add to cart tab

I hope you too have a prosperous 2009.

For others who happen to read this post, the 'add to cart' tab you are referring to is actually the Multiple Price Options utility located on the Add-to-Cart spreadsheet.

I will have to take a look into the Multiple Price Options utility to see what can be done.

In regards to the next release:

Yes, the features like the Expandable / Collapsible Product Descriptions and the Site Search are already incorporated into the next future release.

You can view a Demonstration website created with XLEcom 6.0 Beta here:

XLEcom 6.0 Beta Website

The new version has many more features including both an ecommerce mode and non-ecommerce mode. It also has 14 additional code blocks (6 left side, 6 right side, 1 top, and 1 bottom) which can be used for advertising or anything else you want. The blocks can be position either above, below, or both above and below the product navigation menus.

At this point in time I am pondering the idea of offering version 6 as a Pro version and keep the current version 5.x as the Standard version.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer