XLEcom Price Label Converter for version 5.3

XLEcom Price Label Converter for version 5.3
December 5, 2008

This custom converter was made to support a user's request.
It is not a required item, but may be useful to users who want to make these changes.

Download: XLEcom_Price_Label_Converter.zip (9 KB)

This XLEcom Price Label Converter performs the following two options:

(1) Removes the strike from the List Price.
Only affects the generated HTML files. The spreadsheets will still display the strike.

    List Price: $199.95
    List Price: $199.95

(2) Changes the Price Labels
Changes the From values to the To values in red.
Note: You can change the red values to anything you want.

Change Price Labels



List Price:

Retail Price:

Our Price:

Your Cost:

You Save:

Your Profit:

Open the XLEcom version 5.3 file (XLEcom.xls). The file must be named XLEcom.xls. Next, switch back to the patch workbook and press the buttons to perform the patch(s).

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer