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I am a web designer and want to design a site for a client. After I design the initial site, what is the best way to to enable my client to access the completed site and site files so that they can change, delete and add products from their computer?

After each of us install the program to our individual computers at different locations, can I just copy the html files to a portable USB drive and then give that portable drive to the client? Or, are there other files besides the html files that will need to copied to the USB drive and to the clients computer?

I plan on buying a Commercial license and having the client buy an Individual license.

RE: Website designer & client use

If you want to enable your client to edit the site, then just copy the entire program to a shared location such as a USB portable storage device. This would need include the entire XLEcom folder that contains all the file assets.

You will need to modify the Folder Path Locations so that the program will function properly.

Reference: Initial Setup

You may optionally place all the product images on a website so that you can share them if needed.

Another option is to setup Remote Access to the client's computer via Window's built-in Remote Access utility. This way you can both work on the site / program from his local C:\Program Files\XLEcom directory.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

One more question

I have looked at the System Requirements for XLEcom and there is nothing relating to the website hosting server.

Does it matter if the hosting server is a Linux server or a Microsoft server. Are there any requirements that relate to the hosting server?

Tom Rumish Website Development

Tom Rumish Website Development

RE: One more question

Either type of hosting can be used. XLEcom can utilize any basic type of hosting plan because it only needs to host HTML, JavaScript, and image files.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer