Dropshippers to be avoided

If anyone else can recommend good dropshippers or have had any bad experiences then please post here

AVOID - www.theselect.co.uk (Oct 08)

The are lots of negative reviews about this company on the internet and very few positive comments. I advise you to stay clear.

Like others I felt like I had been ripped of as cheap ipod etc mentioned before signing up were no longer available. They didn't tell me these were limited stock. In general their profit claims on all products are totally unrealistic.

Profit margin for selling most of their stock on ebay (ie after paypal and ebays fees) are very small eg barely £2.

You can also buy a lot of their products cheaper elsewhere. eg online retail stores.

I have actually made back my membership money but it took me about 6 months. My experience of customer support is generally poor and email response are slow, as are refunds.

Also at the moment there is a backlog of orders going back 2 weeks. You would be very foolish to sign up particulary at the moment. I am still a member but will probably be leaving if this awful service continues.

You have been warned