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I am tiring to use the add to cart drop down list and every time I try to test it i get eorror saying cant generate html make sure path is correct

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Concerning: Multiple Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility

Instructions for using the program are via the cell popup comments. These instructional comments show up when you hover the mouse over the cells in the spreadsheet.

The error you are experiencing is due to you not changing the default "HTML file and image preview path" in the program to match your file path destination.

The first thing you should do is change the defalt "HTML file and image preview path" to match the location on your computer. The path is located in the yellow colored cell.

This is the file path location on your local computer for:

(1) where the Add-to-Cart form code HTML file (add-to-cart-form.html) is written to when you press the "Generate Add-to-Cart Form" button.

(2) where the Add-to-Cart button images reside.

Do not end the path with a trailing backslash (\).

As far as the image number is concerned, Just append the item description with the image number.

For example: Photo #1234

Experiment with the sample data included with the program and you will see how the program works.

You can also see the following page for a sample add-to-cart form and more information:

Multiple Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

found all that out

thanks, I had found that out! The problem is that each image sale is typically 100 + images is there anyway to automate that process?

Re: found all that out

What do you mean by "that each image sale is typically 100 + images"?

Do you mean each individual add-to-cart item is for a group of 100 images, or you do need 100 items to display in a "single" multiple options drop-down scroll box for each add-to-cart item?

The Multiple Price Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility for Mal's ecommerce supports up to 5 drop-down list items for each individual drop-down scroll box. If you need to add more than 5 items, then you will have to hand code the extra drop-down list items.

Another related point:
If you need more than the 100 row items shown on the spreadsheet, just copy the last row downwards to create extra rows.

You may want to also check out the XLEcom Ecommerce Website Creator Shareware program. It may work better for you.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer