Preview side by side excel and web browser not working.

Hello, so far I have created some 244 ads, but now that I want to build the site I've encounter a small but annoying problem. It seams that excel program and the web browser are not side by side so I can check the preview, I have made sure that I don't display my excel sheet to full screen and even fitted the page with my curser to just on the edge of the cart. How can I correct this problem? I searched the forum and haven't found anybody reporting any similar problem.

I appreciate your help on this issue. Thanks

Browser window

O.K. so I did what you said and it does open where you want it to open, still, compared to your video tutorials I cannot get it to where I can use the slide bar on the bottom to slide from side to side to preview the page easily, I have to drag the browser window back into the viewable area of the monitor to see what I am doing.

Anyway, if you can help I would appreciate it very much.

Now on another subject, I was looking to have someone give a suggestion on the best way to merge both world, in other words, combine my existing site with the new xlecom site.

I like the look and feel of some pages of my existing site such as my home page because it has links to other sites of mine and because the catagories have a thumb nail picture to give to viewer a clue what the category is all about.

I am all ears (and eyeballs)Thanks!


RE: Browser window

Browser - Window Area
The video tutorials were created using a 24 inch monitor.

To view both the Excel application and web browser windows side-by-side, I would recommend that you either:

(1) Increase your display's resolution
(2) Get a larger display that offers a higher resolution
(3) or add an additional secondary display to your system to get more desktop area.

I am currently using there (3) 24 inch wide monitors for my Window's desktop.

Merging Site Designs
You can always create a home page using another web design program and use XLEcom to create just the Product ads. Keep in mind that you can also import the published Product Ad pages into another web design program if you want to create a completely different look from that of the standard XLEcom websites.

Note that within the Publishing routine that you can export all the product Ads to an HTML or XLS file.

Additional Publish Options - Data Export
The Data Export feature is useful for exporting all of your HTML Product Ads and or Add-to-Cart Buttons to external HTML or Excel (.xls) files for later use with a variety of third-party application. Such application examples would be Microsoft FrontPage®, Macromedia® Dreamweaver, and NetObjects® Fusion

See the following topic for more information:
Data Export - Exporting All your Product Ads to a Single File

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

RE: Preview side by side excel and web browser not working.

This is a Windows issue and not an XLEcom issue.

If you want the browser to open at a partular location and size, then do the following:

(1) Close all browser windows.
(2) Open a browser window, size and position it where you want it to appear.
(3) Close the browser window.

The next time you open a browser window, the window should be the same size and in the same location as the last opened browser window.

This is the typical behavior for all applications that run within Microsoft Windows Operating system.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer