Upgrading to the Commercial License

Hi Sam:

I just upgraded my version to the commercial License and wanted to request that you send my upgrade info to both my company address and home address if it's not too much trouble.
I have sent an email using an old one you sent to me previously.

I have played around with the program but have not developed a site with it. I am working on one which I hope to have up and running soon.

What I like about your program cannot be put into words in the forum since it would take up too much space, but I truly think that it is one of the best and easiest to use I have ever seen. I have purchased approx. 20 shopping cart softwares over the past 5 years and since I don't know all of the supporting languages, your's is the ultimate cart for someone who wants to create a great looking site without all of the hassle.

Thanks again for XLEcom.

Larry Pierce

RE: You are Welcome - Upgrading to the Commercial License


I emailed your registration data to both email addresses as requested.

Thanks for the positive comments.

It's good to hear that you really like the program. I tried to make it both simple to use and full featured so that one could create professional looking ecommerce sites.

Oher Benefits:
Since the program is written in Excel, one can exchange data with other Microsoft Office programs. You can also write your own Excel spreadsheets and macros to manipulate the data within the XLEcom Product Database.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer