shipping by weight with PayPal query

I've been looking for a solution for calculating shipping by weight as used in PayPal. Trends are that a base price (min. shipping price) along with additional fees (calculated by the lb) is most accurate. For example a minimum shipping of $3.99 plus $0.50 per lb.

I don't see any solution for this, though as thorough as this app is, I'm sure it can deal with this. I was thinking of:
(1) adding a shipping weight column though I'm leery of altering anything without the good word.
(2) creating a custom cart (since weight is not built in the database) and plugging in values manually - again I'd like to know what the word is on adding columns since manually is error prone and the long way round.
(3) if I could add a weight column, how would I call the value and have it inserted into the cart's post functions during publishing.

Ideally, a minimum shipping price (prior to any cart item submission) with an additional cost per lb for each item purchased is the goal.

PayPal's calculator work three ways: by # of items, by cost, and by weight (which is the only one which makes sense for me...

So not having weight in the database or post is my dilema. Any recommended suggestions?

RE: shipping by weight with PayPal query

Extra Columns
First of all you cannot add additional columns to that database.

If you need to utilize extra columns, then use any of the 5 User columns (User 1 through User 5) within the Database. Just uncheck the Option boxes for the columns that you utilize. You can get more information User columns this by pressing the little red Question mark button next to the User column fields on the Database sheet.

Paypal Shipping Options
There are a few places within the program to control shipping.
(1) The Paypal Account set up with in Setup Utility on the Product Design sheet.
(2) The "Shipping / Handling" and "Additional Shipping / Handling" columns on the Database sheet.
(3) Utilizing the Multiple Price Options Utility within the program.

All shipping options can be custom tailored via your Paypal account settings at Paypal's website. I would first explore the options they offer before you make any modification to the XLEcom program. Keep in mind that the XLEcom program offers shipping option fields and that your Paypal account controls how the fields are utilized.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer