Analysis ToolPak pops up whenever I return to XLEcom program.

I just upgraded to 5.2.431
I have enabled and checked to verify that Analysis ToolPak add-ins are enabled. However, when I preview my site and then return to the XLEcom program I get the pop-up asking my to enable them. I have checked to be sure that they are enabled in the Tools menu, but i keep getting the pop up message.

RE: Analysis ToolPak pops up

I performed a test using Excel 2003 on Windows XP SP2 and did not experience any problems running XLEcom's Analysis ToolPak function under Utilities function. I performed both previews and publishing after enabling the Analysis ToolPaks and did not experienced any further prompts.

The behavior you mentioned is odd and is not part of the XLEcom program.

The macro code for XLEcom's Analysis ToolPak function does not include any follow-up prompts asking you to enable them. The only two prompts (shown below) within the XLEcom's Analysis ToolPak function is the initial introduction dialog box and the final verification prompt after you run the Analysis ToolPak function.

Initial introduction dialog box

The final verification prompt

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer


Those screen shots are what I see whenever I return to XLEcom. Anyway, maybe I can find the problem on my end. thanks!

RE: Thanks... Try this...

Try this:

Download a new copy of just the XLEcom.xls Excel file from the download page.

(1) First run the program in shareware mode and perform the previews as you did before to see if you still get the prompt.

(2) Next, register it the program and perform the previews again.

Note: Run the program as is, using the demonstration data. This way you can determine if your original file got corrupted somehow.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

I'm using Excel 2003

Forgot to mention, I'm using Excel 2003, and Windows XP.