XLEcom Version 5.1 Released

XLEcom Version 5.1 Released

Version 5.1 (5.1.430) released on May 23, 2008

Feature Repair:

  • Fixed a Preview error that displayed the right side advertisement block on previews that did not utilize the right side area.

New Feature:

  • Replaced the Product Navigation menu's Main Category background image with an HTML coded Dynamic Decoration Header. The visual results are basically the same as before, but now the web designer can control the look of the Dynamic Decoration Header. It functions better than a static background image because it is resizable and offers more color options.

    This new release makes is very easy for a user to create new site themes from scratch. All one needs to do is create 4 new outer frame images. Everything else within a site theme is created by the program using only HTML code. No additional images are needed. For more information on the creation of a site theme, see the following page: Creating New Site Themes

For information about Upgrading to a new release, see the following topic: Upgrading - Migrating your website data from a previous version of XLEcom into a New Release.


Below are two illustrations of the new Product Navigation menus utilizing the new Dynamic Decoration Header for the Main Category titles. Notice that the Right side Dynamic Decoration Header is mirrored as to present a cooler look.

Added the Product Navigation menu's Dynamic Decoration Header to the Site Themes.