Buying via Direct Electronic Funds Transfer

I'd like to offer local customers the opportunity to buy via direct electronic funds transfer at a lower price (bypassing Paypal fees etc) displaying a price option setup in the database and a link to contact me directly. Can this be done, if so - I'll buy this programme today, looks almost perfect for my needs :o)

RE: Buying via Direct Electronic Funds Transfer

The easiest way to control the final transaction processing is via the shopping cart. You do not need to make any changes to your website through XLEcom.

If you choose to use Mal's e-commerce shopping cart then you can set up the cart's transaction processing to contact you directly about a sale without having to accept credit card or use a third part service such as Paypal.

You need to use a shopping cart to maintain the individual items purchased, but you can control the final transaction processing using alternative methods if you used Mal's e-commerce shopping cart.

I would recommend that you explore the Mal's e-commerce shopping cart to see if any of the final transaction processing options offered will work for you. Below is a list of Mal's e-commerce Payment Options.

Mal's e-commerce Payment Options

• Direct Email Notification

Third party payment processors:

• Check
• Direct Debit

• Multi-currency credit cards

• Pounds Sterling debit cards

• Australian and NZ dollar payments

• European payments service

• US Dollar checks

• Set-up and accept payment by e-gold™

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer