Upgrading to newer version

I want to upgrade from v4.1 to 4.3. When I originally started working on my site I "saved as" the XLEcom.xls file to mywebsite.xls. Things have been working fine for some months now but I imagine that the upgrading procedure that you outline would be different in this case, would it?

RE: Upgrading to newer version

Since the main program is a single Excel file (.xls), new releases are actually new versions, not upgrades. Hence, there will be a little work involved transferring your data from your current version to a newer version. A majority of the data from your current version can be imported into the new program automatically using the Import / Export utility. The balance has to be entered in manually. The following page outlines the steps needed to perform an upgrade: Upgrading

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Thanks Sam, but did I do the

Thanks Sam, but did I do the wrong thing by originally performing a "save as" and renaming it "mywebsite.xls"? Or should I have left the name as it was? Does this change the Upgrading routine for my particular case?

RE: Thanks Sam, but did I do the

What name you use for the XLEcom Excel (xls) file does not really matter. Just export all the data using the Import / Export routine via the Product Design sheet from the older version. The Export routine exports the data to individual Excel (xls) files. Next, import the data (files) back into the new version.

To ensure a smooth migration to the latest release, perform the following steps:

Note: Before you perform an upgrade, rename your current XLEcom.xls file to something else like XLEcom-old.xls in order to prevent an accidental file overwrite of this file during installation of the new release.

  1. The first step is to open the new XLEcom.xls file and immediately register it using the registration information that was sent to you when you first purchased the program. When done with the registration, close the XLEcom.xls file.
  2. Open your previous version of XLEcom (XLEcom-old.xls) that contains your current website data and export the core data such as the Product Database, Categories, Site Themes, Support Pages, and FTP Account settings to individual Excel (xls) files using the Import / Export utility found on the Product Design sheet. When done with the data exporting, close the XLEcom-old.xls file. The exported Excel data files are located in the XLEcom root folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\XLEcom).
  3. Open the new XLEcom.xls file and import the data you exported to files in step 2 using the Import / Export utility found on the Product Design sheet.
  4. Manually enter in the balance of your website information such as your shopping cart settings, the Ad layout properties, and Company information into the program. Most of this information is can be entered via the Setup, Ad Design and Site Setup utilities.
  5. If a New release contains any additional information about Upgrading, it will be included in the "XLEcom Version x.x Released" posting. You can view the New Release postings in the News and Announcements section.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Just one last question on

Just one last question on upgrading. Should I uninstall the old version first, or just install over the top of it? Thanks.

RE: Just one last question on

First make a backup copy of everything under the XLEcom folder. If you added or changed any of the files assets, you can restore them later.

Also save a copy of your old site. This would be the XLEcom.xls file and all the files under the Publish folder.

You can then install the new program over the old one without having to uninstall the old program. If you want to install the new program to a new location, then uninstall the old one first.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer