Adding form submitting to my products

I run a printing company and Im trying to setup online purchasing for business cards. I need a way to organize/set up a web form which will email me the data requested on the business card and route the customer to select the amount /pay for the cards. I have a paypal account!

Craig Art

RE: Adding form submitting to my products

What you are looking for is a dynamic type of web form solution that is based on a scripting language such as JavaScript. I assume you want the web form to:

Calculate the cost based on a user's selections, automatically create an Add-to-Cart button on the fly for purchase, and then email you the order.

What you are asking is out of the realm of XLEcom Technical support. You are looking for a custom solution that has nothing to do with XLEcom.

The only thing I can suggest you do within the realm of XLEcom is to see if you can do anything with the Multiple Price Option utility built into the program to create different price options ads for all possible situations.

I would also recommend that you search the internet for an if-then JavaScript web form solution that can dynamically change based on a user's selections.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer