Seeking a Business Partner - Shopping Cart Developer

From Sam Raheb, XLEcom Program Developer

Finding a Solution
At this point in time, the XLEcom program supports two Shopping Cart services. These two services are PayPal and Mal's e-commerce.

PayPal makes money by taking a small percentage (2 to 3%) of every transaction that is transacted via its cart. Mal's e-commerce makes money from all XLEcom users who utilize a Merchant account via Mal's Premium Account service. ($6 US per month payable 3 months in advance).

This is fine, but as long as these two Shopping Carts are the only options available for public use, both PayPal and Mal's will always receive residual income from the use of my XLEcom program.

The Business Opportunity
I am looking for a dedicated Business Partner / Web Software Programmer who would work together with me on developing a third New Shopping Cart service option that functions in the same manner as both PayPal's and Mal's-e Marketplace Shopping Cart services. This New Shopping Cart service would be offered as a FREE Shopping Cart Service available to all XLEcom users.

The Goal
I would like to offer an XLEcom branded FREE Shopping Cart service option that functions in the same manner as either PayPal's or Mal's e-commerce Shopping Cart service. If we, and I mean both you and I, had an XLEcom FREE Shopping Cart service to offer to users, I would give the XLEcom program away for FREE and we can both make money via the Shopping Cart's small transaction fees collected on every sale just like PayPal.

If you are interested in making residual income via a Shopping Cart Service, please contact me via the Business Development email address. With both the XLEcom Ecommerce Web Site Creator program and the XLEcom FREE Shopping Cart service, income possibilities are truly endless.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer