Question about XLEcom inventory


I've downloaded the shareware and been playing with the program. I can't figure out if XLE will do what I'm looking for. What I'm wanting is to have a drop down list of 12 color options, but be able to input the quantity in stock of each color or size, so that I can't sell more than what I have in stock.



RE: Question about XLEcom inventory


Drop-down List of Options
XLEcom's "basic" drop-down list of Product configuration options is limited to 5 items.

If you choose to utilize XLEcom's built-in Multiple Price Options feature, then you can create many more overall options. You can use up to three (3) drop-down option scroll boxes with each scroll box supporting up to 5 selections. The Multiple Price Options feature gives web developers the ability to create many different Price and Product combinations.

About Inventory
XLEcom does not create inventory controlled type websites. In order to maintain a live "dynamic inventory" of products and to control quantities, you would need to implement an ecommerce solution that utilizes a Database running on a web server such as MySQL.

XLEcom does not require a Web Server Database such as MySQL. An XLEcom web site contains only HTML pages and images. Therefore, you can utilize any type of low cost web hosting service or even host your website for free at home using your broadband internet connection.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer