Stock Notes

Any idea why the stock notes are hyperlinking as they are just plain text. I have removed hyperlink form the category but its still links

Any Ideas

here the text I am trying to see
Price inc. of VAT £24.29

RE: Stock Notes

The reason your Stock Note (Price inc. of VAT £24.29) is being converted to a hyperlink is due to the Auto-Sensing behavior of the Stock Note.

Your Stock Note contains a period "."

If the text string contains a period '.', then the stock note is considered to be an external file and thus will be automatically converted to a hyperlink.

See the following page under How the Auto-Sensing Routine Functions:

Stock Note Behavior

If you want to include a period or decimal point "." in the Stock Note text string, then use the HTML character code of . for the period or decimal point "."

    Your original Stock Note: Price inc. of VAT £24.29

    The modified Stock Note using the . substitution: Price inc. of VAT £24.29 will display correctly as: Price inc. of VAT £24.29 in the published HTML pages.

I tested this substitution method and it does work well.

This should help you,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer