Adding tax to price display

I would Like to show List Prices and with Tax Added as an option is this possible

RE: Adding tax to price display

Can you be more specific by showing an example of how you want the added tax to appear on the webpage?

For example:

List Price: $100.00 + $10.00 tax
List Price: $110.00 includes tax
List Price: $110.00

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Adding Tax to html display

I would like to display the prices as something like this below price

Is this possible as I think (I'm not sure)it is going to be a legal requirement to show VAT in the UK

Our Price: £36.95
Inc VAT: £41.17

RE: Adding Tax to html display

Since you cannot add additional fields to the price areas, the only way I can see to display the Value Added Tax (VAT) is to display it in the Ad Comment area using a formula.

Switch to the Database sheet and add the following formula into the Ad Comment column cells:

    ="Our Price includes a 10% VAT of: "&TEXT(R4*0.1,"£#,##0.00")

If the Our Price value is £400.00, then this formula will display the added 10% tax in the final web pages as:

    Our Price includes a 10% VAT of: £4.00

Note: If you are going to use this method and want to continue using the Product Design form for creating your Product Ads, then remember to turn off the Save feature for the Ad Comment using the Override utility on the Product Design sheet. This will prevent the "Save Ad" function from overwriting your newly added formulas. If you do not turn off this feature, then the "Save Ad" function will overwrite your new VAT formulas in the Database with static text.

If you only need to state that the VAT is added to the price for legal reasons, then you can add a static text statement somewhere in either the product ads or elsewhere in the website stating that "All prices include the required Value Added Tax (VAT)".

You can add this VAT statement as a Global statement to top of each Product page by placing the statement into the "Additional Options" area within the Ad Layout dialog box using the Site Seup utility. A screen shot of the Ad Layout dialog box is shown below.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer