MySQL Database Backup Utility

Database Backup Utility
Version 3.0
© 2007-2009 Developed by Sam Raheb
Released: March 31, 2009
Type: Free Program

Download: Database_Backup_Utility.exe (self-extracting zip file 85 KB)

System Requirements
Microsoft Excel 2000, 2002, 2003, or 2007 with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support

The purpose of this program is to provide an easy way to download backup copies your website's database files to your local computer. It can be used to backup up files from up to 30 different remote locations. You can also use it to backup any other types of files if needed.

After you enter your remote file download links, database file names, and local save paths into the Excel spreadsheet, the utility will create an HTML document with hyperlinks for backing up your database files. The backed up file names will be suffixed with the current date / time.

For example, if your database file on the web server is named drpl1.gz, then the downloaded backup file saved on March 08, 2009 can be named drpl1 03-08-2009.gz. There are also options to save the file using many alternative date formats such as drpl1 08-03-2009.gz (European) and drpl1 March-08-2009.gz for example.

Below are the Date / Time file naming options available
drpl1 03-08-2009.gz
drpl1 08-03-2009.gz
drpl1 March-08-2009.gz
drpl1 march-08-2009.gz
drpl1 03-08-2009 10-53 AM.gz
drpl1 03-08-2009 10-53 am.gz
drpl1 08-03-2009 10-53 AM.gz
drpl1 08-03-2009 10-53 am.gz
drpl1 March-08-2009 10-53 AM.gz
drpl1 march-08-2009 10-53 am.gz


Sam Raheb
Program Developer