Resurrection Records

Company Name: Resurrection Records
Store Category: Music & DVD Shop
Web Site URL:
Description: Hi, we are an Australian music & DVD retailer. We sell both local releases and imported items to the world at large!

RE: Resurrection Records

Some Suggestions:

(1) I highly recommend that you use the "Single Ad Column" format and not the "Two Ad Column" format for your products ads to give your site a more balance professional look. See the following site example: PayPal's Cat Demo

(2) You should use actual small thumbnail images in your product ads instead of using large images displayed in the small format. These large images take too long to download, thus making your site appear slow. If you need a Free thumbnail image creator, see the following page: Easy Thumbnails - Free Thumbnail Image Creator.

(3) Also consider making your site logo blend better with the site theme. It is way too big and stands out. Consider making it a transparent gif image so one can view the site theme's top header through the logo itself.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer