How do I modify the source

Is it possible to modify the source to add things like adsense ads and links to my other sites. If so what is the besy way?

Changing the Quantity in the Checkout

Hi Sam
I am not sure if this is an xle or mals shopping cart problem, but I thought I would try you first?
My problem is in the checkout the Quantity does not show a box to update or delete the Quantity
the cart does state the following:
"To delete an item, uncheck the box and click RECALCULATE."
is this something I have set in the products or something I have set in mals when setting up the cart.
if you need to see my site is up and running
Speedway gear

I have fixed this problem myself
checked the box at the bottom of the product add
Cheers Speedway Gear

Re: How do I modify the source

If you want to add things like Google's Adsense, then see the following topics:

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Modifying Source (continued)

I have done as suggested to create a text ad which appears but when I copy the google script into ad2.js file the program then doesn't display any text ad at all. What am I doing wrong

RE: Modifying Source (continued)

If you are using the Advertisement block feature, keep in mind that the program will automatically overwrite the ad1.js or ad2.js files during publishing.

If you manually edited any of these files, then they will be overwritten by the program.

If you want to add your own custom code, use the Advertisement Block Design feature built directly into the program. See the Featured Product and Text based Advertisement Block topic for more information.

For adding your custom code by hand, see the following topic: How to Create an Advertisement Block

If for some reason you still need to add a lot of custom code to the ad1.js or ad2.js files, then edit and store the files in a different location so you can copy them into the "publish/html" folder after you publish the site.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer