Stock Note Behavior

Stock Note Behavior

XLEcom version 4.3 introduces a new Auto-Sensing Behavior for the Stock Note. Previously the Stock Note was just static text. Now the Stock Note can be a hyperlink to any type of file document or website URL. The following illustration shows the behavior of the Stock Note:

Preparing your Stock Notes
Enter all your Stock Notes into the Stock Note column on the Categories Sheet. This way they will be easily available for adding to your product ads via the Product Design form on the Product Design sheet.

Entering in a Stock Note
You can enter the Stock Notes by either using the drop down scroll box on the Product Design sheet or by entering them directly into the database sheet. It is recommended that you use the drop down scroll box on the Product Design sheet method to minimize the possibility of errors via manually typing in the data.

Stock Note Built in Auto-Sensing Behavior
The program contains an auto-sensing routine to determine the behavior of the Stock Notes. The Stock Notes can behave as either static standard text statements or can be utilized as hyperlinks to external files or website URLs. Theese hyperlinks will open in a new popup web browser window. They are different from, but similar to the behavior of the Ad Comment Hyperlinks.

Standard Text Statements
If you enter in any ordinary text such as "Coming Soon !, Discontinued Item !, or Great Value !", then this text will appear in the product ad as a standard text statement. The color of the font is dictated by the color you selected for the Stock Note within the "Ad Design" utility.

Hyperlink to an External File
First of all, all stock note hyperlinks will open in a new popup web browser window. In order for the Stock Notes to function properly as hyperlinks, you must understand the following methodology:

(1) A Hyperlink to a website:
To make the stock note a hyperlink to a website or web page, you must use the correct format. All URLs must be in the absolute path format and begin with an "http" prefix as in If you do not use the absolute path format, then the resulting stock note will just be a standard text statement without a hyperlink.

The hyperlink text appearing in the product ads for the website or web page urls will be prefixed with the statement "Website: "

    For example:

    Displayed hyperlink text: Website:

(2) A Hyperlink to an External File:

First of all, all files must be initially placed into the \Assets\html folder. If using the default installation path, then this folder would be C:\Program Files\XLEcom\Assets\html.

To make the stock note function as a hyperlink to an external file and to have the associated text for the hyperlink appear correctly in the product ads, you must use the following file naming format:

    For example:

    File name 1: $20_additional_shipping.html
    File name 2: Technical_specification.pdf

All spaces within the file name must be replaced with an underscore character "_".

The text for the hyperlink will appear as follows in the product ads:

    Hyperlink text 1: $20 Additional Shipping
    Hyperlink text 2: Technical Specification

As you can see, both the underscores and file extensions are not displayed in the hyperlink text. The hyperlink text is also displayed in Proper text format; whereas the first letter in each word is capitalized.

How the Auto-Sensing Routine Functions
The Auto-Sensing routine searches for key text elements within the stock note text string. It also uses the following search order for determining the proper behavior type.

    (1) If the first four characters of the text string begin with an "http", then the stock note is considered to be a website or web page URL.

    (2) If the text string contains a period ".", then the stock note is considered to be an external file.

    (3) If the Auto-Sensing routine does not detect either the "http" prefix or the period ".", then the stock note is considered to be a standard text statement without a hyperlink.

All Stock Note Hyperlinks will utilize the font color of the "Ad Comment" The font color can be controlled via the "Ad Design" utility.