Quality Hobby Shop

Company Name: Quality Hobby Shop
Store Category: Hobby Shop
Web Site URL: www.qualityhobbyshop.com
Description: The Quality Hobby Shop carries brand new scale model kits, hobby items and collectables from the top names.

Hi folks, I stopped by to say that our new website www.QualityHobbyShop.com is being created and maintained using XLEcom. The site is now evolving as we'll be updating it often.

One tip is that as you're building your site, do a lot of save as's. This way you can have multiple versions to go back to in case you need to.

XLEcom is a great bargain and has a gentle learning curve. If you know Excel then you'll be further ahead. We love the idea that our site is independent of the host. That alone is worth the price! Thanks for the tools we needed to launch our site. We're quite proud of it so far!!

Come check us out at www.qualityhobbyshop.com