Multiple price option add to cart form utility

How do I link the multiple price option add-to-cart form utility to go right to paypals checkout page.
I bought the program and registered but completely lost at this point.

RE: Multiple price option add to cart form utility

The Multiple Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility for Mal's Ecommerce simply generates Multiple Price Option Add-to-Cart HTML form code snippets as shown on this page: Multiple Options Add-to-Cart Form Utility

This program was intended for use using Mal's e-commerce shopping cart. If you are a Paypal user, you can still use Mal's e-commerce shopping cart. Mal's cart can port the final cart transaction to Paypal if desired. You can get a Free Mal's account here: Get a Mal's e-commerce

All you need to do is simply set up your Mal's Shopping Cart account, via Mal's site, to port the final transaction to Paypal.

By the way, Mal's Shopping Cart is considered by many to be superior to Paypal's cart because it offers so many more customizable options.

If for some reason you strictly need to use only Paypal's Shopping cart, then you need to utilize the XLEcom Ecommerce Website Creator program also available from this site. See the following page to determine the differences between Mal's and Paypal's Multiple Price Options Add-to-Cart forms: Multiple Price Options

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer