Third Party HTML Editors

I noticed on your features page that you state XLEcom supports third party html editors. This is exactly the capability I was hoping to be able to do, as I LOVE the building process of my e-stores but hate having the headache of loading them with products.

Can you provide any more details on this capability for me, please?

**Side note: I currently use Frontpage to build my web pages.

RE: Third Party HTML Editors


Since XLEcom generates pure HTML and JavaScript code, you can import the published pages directly into third party HTML editors such as FrontPage®, Macromedia® Dreamweaver, and NetObjects® Fusion.

You can import XLEcom published pages or Product Ad data into third party HTML editors by either:

(1) Directly importing XLEcom's published HTML pages themselves into the third party HTML editors, or

(2) By using XLEcom's Data Export utility to export only the Product Ad data to an external HTML or Excel file which can later be imported into third party HTML editors.

(3) If your third party HTML editor supports copy and pasting, then you can copy and paste data from Xlecom's published HTML pages directly into your third party HTML editor.

See the following topics for more information:

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer