A L Ingman - www.albertingman.ws

Company Name: A L Ingman
Store Category: E-tail department Store
Web Site URL: www.albertingman.ws
Description: My site is a retail department store. Currently with 4 departments: electronics, Jewelry, Fragrances & Outdoors. I develped this site using both dreamweaver and XLEcom. The index and support pages are dreamweaver and all the inventory pages are done with XLEcom. I have set up each department as an individual store so that I can have a different theme for each.

To see the pages done with XLEcom, click on the departments button for a listing of the different departments.

Great Job on the Multiple Store Department Setup


I like the multiple store approach you used for each product type. The department method provides the best shopping experience for customers. This way potential buyers do not have to sift through pages of unrelated products and can find what they are looking for faster.

The department stores look clean and professional. You did a great job.

Some Suggestions:
(1) I noticed that all the department stores open in a new window except for the "Electric Blue" store from the Department Directory page. You may want to fix the hyperlink to this particular store so that it also opens in a new window.

(2) All four (4) department stores contain an "Add XLEcom's Web Site to your Favorites" hyperlink in the left frame area under the copyright statement. You may want to change the "Add to Favorites" hyperlink to reflect your particular store or department.

(3) It seems that you are using the top Ad Title line for Part Numbers instead of an actual title describing the Ad. Since this bold text statement along the top of the Ads grabs the customer's initial attention, you may want to use a title / label that describes the product. This Ad Title could simply be the brand name of the product.

(4) The fonts used in the left navigation menu on the main domain's index home page (http://www.albertingman.ws/) appear a little fuzzy. I noticed that you used a hollow type font, which is can be difficult to read for some site visitors. In my opinion, I think it would be visually better to use a solid font of the same point size and also not to mix all upper case and proper case text together in the navigation menu.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer


WOW! I never expected such a quick reply. And thanks for the compliments and the suggestions. I was planning on changing that font, but have not yet found one I liked. I am still very much in the process of developement.

The reason i have not changed the hyperlink yet is 2 fold, first, I like your program so much. I wanted to give it some advertising. Two, I am still acquiring simular domain names and I have yet to decide which will end up as the main one. That decision dead line is the end of june.

When I do the next major update, I'll post here so you can check it out if you want to.