Support & Home pages

I am trying to edit the home and support pages.

I want to add a large PayPal image at the lower left, in place of the small credit card image. Also a PayPal Verified image.

I cannot do this from the page editor, but have done it successfully by editing the left.html file itself. When I look at the home page / index from the file area it comes up right, but it still comes up as it was when previewing through Excel.

At one time, I published just on the PC and it was correct, but then I published again and it went back to the original with the small credit card logo.

Also, I have renamed some of the support pages. However, there is a title in the top left that is not editable in the spreadsheet. How do you get that renamed?

Here again, some of the support pages I've done - in the spreadsheet, not the html files, show as changed when previewing and others do not. They are OK when I preview one at a time, but if I go to them from the home page, via the links, some come up as edited, and others do not.

I know some show as previews. I have published on the PC all of these pages, but when I click the links on the newest Home page that comes up after the publish, again, some are changed and others are not.

Where do you go to see the entire real site as it stands as of the last publish?

And why are some support pages making the transition, and others are still showing the original, even though when you view them in the site edit section they are saved with the changes?

And how do you change the page names in the upper left that do not come up in the edit?

RE: Support & Home pages

First of all you didn't mention if your were publishing a framed or non-framed website. In either case, the following tips should help.

Adding your Paypal image
To add your Paypal Verified image, use the Site Setup - Left Frame / Area Region.

(1) Replace the default credit card image with your new one using the image selector or..

(2) Add you HTML code for the image it using the "Additional User Code and Advertisement Block" section within the dialog box.

See the following user website for an example:

More information can be found here: Site Design Setup.

Adding Your Own HTML
To add any other custom code to the site, use the "Additional Code" feature. You can view information about this feature here: Adding Your Own HTML or Scripting Code.

Published Site Problems
To make sure your site does not contain any of the past edits or is not displaying correctly. Publish the site again, but choose to the option delete the previous site when your republish it.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer