Saving New Product ADs -- Problems


Sam, This is Ken in MN... I am really enjoying the program. I am having one problem, though... I can create a new Product Ad. I then save it and it is now part of the data base. I want to retrieve the newly created Ad. Make modifications to it, giving it a new number, and image, etc. I then want to save this newly MODIFIED record back to the DB.

When I click on "Save Ad", the new AD "OVERWRITES" the the old AD I can't seem to do a "SAVE AS" if you will with the system. What am I missing... Forgive me, for I have been working on it for about 10 hours today and I am in SLOWWWWW mode right now...

Thanks in advance for your answers...



RE: Saving New Product ADs -- Problems


The easy way to make a modified copy of an existing Product Ad is to:

(1) Switch to the Database sheet
(2) Display the Rows & Colums using the button along the top of the sheet.
(3) Highlight and copy the Product Ad row of the Product Ad you want to duplicate and modify
(4) Paste the row at the bottom of the database sheet, after the last row, and update the Item number in the first field manually or use the Update function on the Database sheet.

Finally, you can then either modify the Product Ad via the Product Design sheet or directly within the Database sheet. You can even resort the database too.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer