Home Page - no ads - adjusting page size

Really stuck on how to make the Home Page - with no ads - not a fixed height ! Dispite only using the top two boxes for code there is a large amount of 'white space' 'till I hit the bottom frame causing the window to scroll - there is really only enough text to enable a non-scrolling page - any suggestions from anyone ?



RE: Home Page - no ads - adjusting page size


If I understand what you are asking, then here is an answer:

If you remove "all" the data from the home page without ads or only use the top two boxes, the page body is only about 2 inches high. There should be no scrolling showing. In this case the vertical scroll bars or page length is controlled by the length of the left side navigation menus depending on if you publish using a framed or non-framed site.

There are no parameters within the program to set the page length. The page length is determined by the content itself.

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Home Page - no ads - adjusting page size

Thanks Sam