Multiple Options with Multiple Prices

I have always been a huge fan of Excel and found myself at your site while looking at possible e-commerce building software. I downloaded the trial version of Xlecom and in my initial run-thru I have been duly impressed with the intuitiveness of your program.
I do have a question though… and I know I may be reaching for the stars so I won't get my hopes up for a positive response.
I can see there is much talk of options and that the Custom Add-to-cart form seems to be the answer to most situations. However, I have a product line that is extremely option intensive and the majority of those options add to the price of the finished product.
My question is this: is there a way to code additional prices for multiple options?
Here is an example of what I'm looking for. My part number begins with a base part number "AB001-" and adds an option string as the selections are made. Final part number for the following item may be something like "AB001-AEH" and the final price would need to be $53.00 ($50.00+$1.00+$2.00)

Base part number
AB001- price 50.00

Options available

Color (must choose 1)
A = White adds 0.00
B = Blue adds 2.00
C = Red adds 2.50

Size (must choose 1)
D = Small adds 0.00
E = Medium adds 1.00
F = Large adds 2.00

Style (must choose 1)
G = Square adds 0.00
F = Round adds 1.50
H = Triangle adds 2.00

Would this even be possible with xlecom? Or could you possibly offer advice for seeking custom programming?


RE: Multiple Options with Multiple Prices

The Multiple Price Options feature within the program only lets you select from pre-defined prices. What you are looking for is a Dynamic HTML or JavaScript solution to build up the price as the user selects options. The other option is to use a database driven ecommerce site that uses query commands to build up the final price.

The only way you can use XLEcom with Multiple Price Options is to define all the possible price combination options ahead of time for your product and then use the Multiple Price Options utility within the program. The only downfall is that the program only supports up to 5 price options. You would have to edit the final published Add-to-Cart form HTML code to add more than 5 price options. Refer to Multiple Price Options for more information.

You might be able to use XLEcom if you can reduce your options by combining some of the multiple options into single options.

BTW, but I do not know of anyone that can do custom programming for this particular situation.

I hope this helps you,

Sam Raheb
XLEcom Program Developer

Thank you for your response

Thank you for your response and for the advice. I will do more research into the suggestions you gave. btw, I still like xlecom...